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Short Term Medical

Short-Term Medical plans can save you up to 50% on your monthly premium. These plans allow you to choose your deductible and coinsurance so you can find a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Short-Term Medical provides an affordable health insurance option to help you bridge gaps in coverage for a specific length of time. With Lifetime Maximums up to $2,000,000 per covered person, you can rest easy that you are prepared for life's unforeseen accidents. These plans also have a $50 copay for doctor and urgent care visits, depending on the plan you choose.

Build Your Ideal Plan

  • Choose your deductible - $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $7,500
  • Choose your coinsurance - 80%/20% or 50%/50%
  • Choose the type of plan - we have policies for individuals, families and couples.
  • Choose your payment type - pay month-to-month, or save even more by paying a single, up-front lump sum
  • Additional options available to add to your plan include: Accident Medical Expense, Critical Illness, Dental, Life, Vision, and more!

Short-Term Health Plans Are Perfect For:

  • Individuals between jobs
  • Those waiting for employer benefits
  • Part-time or temporary employees
  • Students and recent graduates

After answering just 5-7 qualifying questions, you can receive instant approval and coverage can begin the next day.

Legal Disclaimer: The policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions. If there are any conflicts between this document and the Policy, the Policy shall govern. Not available in all US states or any other countries outside the US and coverage benefits may vary by state as well.

Guaranteed Issue Insurance & Other Savings

Limited benefit health insurance plans pay fixed dollar benefits for the day-to-day health care services you use most:

  • Doctor's Visits (including annual physical)
  • Intensive Care
  • X-Ray / Lab Tests
  • Daily In-Hospital

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits include:

  • Prescription, Vision and Dental Savings
  • Accident Medical Expense
  • Critical Illness†

†Critical Illness coverage is optional and subject to a simplified underwriting application.

Coverage varies based on the plan type you choose. For more details, please see the Insurance Plan Details.

For limited benefit health insurance plans, pre-exisiting conditions are not covered for the first 12 months and are subject to the policy Limitations and Exclusions.

It's So Easy

We provide an easy, no-hassle enrollment experience!

  • No Deductibles, No Co-Pays (this is indemnity coverage the provides fixed dollar benefits)
  • No Medical Questions
  • Guaranteed Coverage Subject to Limitations and Exclusions

Enrollment takes less than 5 minutes - you are already approved!

This is not major medical insurance. It is not intended or recommended to replace any comprehensive health insurance you already have or are considering.